5 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Did you suffer a nasty breakup and wish that your ex still thought about you? Believe it or not, there are numerous instances where relationships didn’t work out the first time around, but the second try was the charm. How can you tell if your ex still harbors feelings for you? As it turns out, the way someone reacts and behaves towards you is a surefire way to gauge their intentions– especially after the breakup!

Sign #1: Talking About The Relationship

More often than not, exes will confront each other about what went wrong in the relationship, but mostly to assign blame where it’s due. However, if your ex ever wants to consider rebuilding what you had together, he or she may talk about the relationship to actually figure out where it all went downhill. Notice that there is a world of difference between placing blame, and showing genuine interest in why things didn’t work out.

Sign #2: Talking About The Future

If you still have regular conversations with your ex, and you’ve talked about the future where you make a gradual appearance on more than one occasion, it could be a good sign. This generally means that your ex really can’t imagine a future without you, so there is a chance for reconciliation in the near future.

Sign #3: Keeping Dating Secrets

There are generally two types of exes: ones that start dating other people right away to keep their mind off of the nasty breakup, or those that are still waiting around for the right person. If your ex hasn’t started dating again, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is waiting for you. However, when you talk to your ex and he or she is actively keeping their dating life a secret, there is a very likely chance that they will want to get back together.

Sign #4: Reminiscing About Good Memories – Magic Of Making Up Data

Your ex talking about past good times and fun memories you’ve shared together is always a good sign in any relationship. It means that the breakup didn’t overshadow the personal connection that you’ve shared, and even if not right now, you still have a chance to get back together. After all, if they remember having a good time with you, then it means they’re missing you in their life.

Sign #5: Personal Improvement

Is your ex trying to amend his or her personality? If you see that your ex is actively looking to improve the areas of their personality responsible for the breakup, it could be a sign of future interest in you. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will get back together as it could also be a way for your ex to work on themselves for a future with someone else.

It can be exciting when you think your ex wants to get back together with you, but you should always put yourself first. The signs discussed above are a good way to gauge intentions, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you whether or not you really want to read between the lines!

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Getting Your Ex Back

In most occasions, not both partners, would agree to part ways and one, especially men, love getting back with their ex even if they both moved on. Getting back with your ex only happens when you let it happen like Magic Of Making Up talks about. Different men use different strategies to get back the women they love. Ladies are, however, easy to fall for their traps. Your reaction to his action will determine if you will go back to him.

Strategies used by men to get back to their ladies

They use your social circle

They use those whom you are likely to spend most of your time with, especially your sister, friends or even workmates. They express their feelings about you to them. Friends are a good influence when it comes to persuading you to give someone a chance. When he wins over your close friends, a high probability is that you two will get back as you answer to them may certainly be ‘I will think it over’. If you allow this to happen then, you will get back together.

Brags to you of his new catch

This is the kind of man who will want to arouse your jealousy by talking recklessly of his current girlfriend who may not even be existing. He compares you to her in every dimension that will make you jealous; this leaves you feeling that you lack something, and you will get yourself falling into his trap if not careful. He makes sure you have no breathing space, that you think of only him and how you are going to tell him ‘I am sorry for leaving’. He will criticize your intimacy with him terming his new catches as better than yours. He comes in with an ego that hurts your emotions.

Long messages

A difference lies between someone telling you he is still in love with you and writing a treatise about it. He will take a great deal of his time to express his desperation to write you something that will truly make you emotional by the time you are through reading. He will remind you of those special moments you had together, how special you are, how he misses you and how you leaving has really effected his life. He even may become apologetic for hurting you, and how he won’t fall in love again because you were the one for him. If you want to review the Magic of Making Up, make sure you checkout the official product page.

Constantly cajoles you

He will always get updates of every photo of yourself you post on the internet and makes sure he lets you know how pretty you grow every day. He will even inquire if you already moved on if you are single or not. He will even directly give sentiments such as; ‘I know you never waste time, you can’t be single, are you?’ , he will keep flattering what you know stands out in you like your pretty legs, a cute smile, a charming look and beautiful eyes and say that he misses having seen all that. He will always make sure that at the end of it all you get to smile or even chuckle. When you giggle back to his words, it’s a sign to him that you miss him too and that you can’t wait to be together again, and that parting always was a mistake.

Constant phone checks

This is the kind of man that ensures that he showers you with a lot of attention to make you feel special. He will always inquire what you are doing, where you are, and how you are doing, and he will even compare the current events in your life with those in your relationship with him. He starts with a phone call or a text book message; and once you stay amused about this, he just won’t stop. He makes sure he gets your attention and routines his calls that you keep expecting when he will call you. He will flatter the shit out of your head and sweep you off your feet. Your reaction to this determines if you are going to let him get back with you.

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